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i love coffee so much i decided to make a tumblr for it. i visit starbucks whenever i get allowance and all my cash goes POOF.
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Starbucks $10 gift card for $5! Only one day left!! 

For anyone interested in film making, here’s a really cool project by my friend. Please check them out! Thanks :)

It’s obviously the correct answer.


This is really really punny

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Some photos from day 1 of cCNYC are now on Flickr. Enjoy! 


Hey guys! This is my friend

Help him get views. He sings very well :DD 


These are some of my favorite people. Please view and hit Like :)

Coffee lovers, what is your favorite cafe or coffee retailer?

New Year’s resolution? Drink more coffee and become a better aficionado


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Yeeee I didn’t know they had tumblr app! Now I know I’ll never be bored lol


Photo by Ture Lillegraven from the September 2011 Men’s Fitness issue

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